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Daytona Beach Marina: Peace of Mind During Summer Travels

Tue, Jun 06, 2017 at 2:55AM

Daytona Beach Marina: Peace of Mind During Summer Travels

Heading away for the summer? You're not alone! Whether you're visiting family up north or simply want to enjoy a cooler, milder summer, one thing is for sure: you want your boat to be safe, secured, and protected while you're gone.

Fortunately, at Coquina Marina, we know a thing or two about the summertime shuffle--so while your travel plans may be hectic, finding a spot to keep your boat doesn't have to be!

In today's blog, we will be looking at some of the most common reasons for storing your boat over the summer--as well as a few big ways we can help. Take a look!

You're enjoying a "land-lubber's" summer

Florida's boating season is, well, near never-ending--so if you want to enjoy a "land-lubber's" vacation this summer (like backpacking through national forests or visiting your favorite theme park), you can count on your boat--and plenty of ensuing adventures--to be here, ready to go when you get back. 
If these sorts of activities are on the itinerary this summer, it may be helpful to keep your powerboat somewhere you can trust while you're away. No need to clear out your garage or worry about keeping your boat safe in your driveway!

Your boat's too big to bring along

Alternatively, sometimes towing or even storing your boat at home isn't an option at all. You may have a hard time finding a solution for larger powerboats, but at Coquina Marina, we can help--in fact, our largest slip can hold a boat up to 80 feet in length! You'll be able to rest easy all summer long knowing that your boat is safe and sound at our secure facility.

You want to avoid summer storms

Looking to enjoy a milder (and perhaps drier) summer up north? Keeping your boat somewhere safe during the summer is especially important in Florida, when you don't always know when a surprise storm might roll into town. By keeping your powerboat in a slip at Coquina Marina, you can enjoy a stress-free summer and resume boating fun in the fall.

Similarly, if you're traveling from Miami, the Keys, or other southern destinations, we can help provide overnight accommodations for your boat as you make the trek up north.

How we can help

With 61 slips and the best value around (at just $10 per month, per foot of your boat, for the annual rate), we can help you with these summer boating scenarios (and then some!).

No matter what your summer travel needs may be, you can count on Coquina Marina to keep your boat safe all the while. Call us to learn more, or swing by and view our beautiful riverfront property today.

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